Professional Electrical Systems Inc. is led by Darren Marchisio and is highly regarded in its ability to provide prompt and efficient residential, commercial and insutrial electrical services and installations.

We specialises in electrical service to a diverse range of residential, commercial and industrial customers with an equally diverse team of highly trained, skilled and equipped service personnel and supervision staff.

The range of services we are able to provide includes but not limited to:

  • General electrical breakdown service and maintenance.
  • Comprehensive maintenance management skills, tools and systems.
  • Comprehensive lighting maintenance programs including audit services.
  • TI (Tennant Improvement) specializing in retail.
  • Specialist hazardous location equipment service and installation.
  • Lighting installations and retrofitting for energy savings.
  • Installations and upgrading of electrical services
  • Replacement of old and obsolete fuse boxes and panel boards.
  • In-service safety inspection and testing electrical equipment and appliances.
  • Thermographic inspection services of electrical equipment/switchboards.
  • Power supply monitoring and reporting services for quality and reliability.
  • Small project installations and troubleshooting.